i just feel like such a wreck lately. i'm not happy with school, and things just aren't turning out in my favor. i wish jeremy would talk to me more. i wish my relationship with brittney could be repaired. i wish people would leave me alone. i wish people would start talking to me. i just don't know what i want.
today i downloaded the soundtrack to where the wild things are. i'm glad i have something to look forward to now. i also did some repatching to my wall today, and i think it feels significantly more comfortable when i watch movies because papers aren't sticking out anymore. i miss things.
i am just an emotional wreck right now. i just feel like everyone that i enjoy being lonely and single with is now in a relationship and incredibly happy with their decisions. sigh. what happened to all the lonely, miserable people?
there's nothing i like more than driving with brahms up on the radio on full blast. the rush is exhilarating. i have just returned home from eating dinner with some friends and this ecuadorian girl who is leaving the united states. i've never really liked her, but i could never pass up a chance to go out and eat because the food my mother makes is egregious.

kelsey finally gave me my polaroid camera today (yes, the one that she was planning on giving to me for christmas three years ago). i texted her to remind her this morning, and it was a success. with only ten photos per box of polaroids, i am going to be extremely cautious where i take pictures. oh, yes.



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